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Posted in December 2014

Your vehicle need new tires? Why buy new, save money by purchasing recycled tires.

There are 290 million tires disposed of every year. We recycle thousands of tires a year; however, we are trying to get more use out of each tire while saving you, our customer, money.  We have hundreds of tires tagged and inventoried in our computer system at any one point. Ask one of our professional sales staff to assist you with your next tire purchase, or save even more money by browsing our rack of single and low tread tires. 

Used tires are becoming an extremely popular way for customers to save hundreds of dollars a year. We take good tires off of salvaged vehicles, inspect them and list them for sale to our customers. We used to scrap most of our tires, but we have found that there is a growing market for them. They are the same tire that you can buy at your local tire shop, but let the other customer take the upfront cost. You can save up to 90% of the new purchase price by buying used. 

Winter is a time when we should all be taking an extra look at our tires. As much as we all…

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Have an Unwanted Vehicle? Need a little Extra spending money for Christmas?

Do you have an unwanted vehicle sitting in your driveway? Did you just have an accident on a slick road and don't want to spend the money and time fixing your vehicle? Then call Condon's Auto Parts at 800-543-7274 and sell us your vehicle.  We may pay anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for wrecked or unwanted vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

After buying your vehicle, we take it through our environmentally friendly process. First, we dispose of the harmful fluids and recycle the usable parts of the vehicle. We then take the hulk of the car and send it to a recycling plant in Baltimore where they will melt down the materials and make it into thousands of new products. Nothing goes to waste, as we recycle the tires to be used for things like roadways and play sets. We even use the gas in our own vehicles and the used oil to heat our building. Even the antifreeze is sold to a company that cleans it and re-purposes it. 

So, help us and we will help you (and the environment!).  All we need from you…

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