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Have an Unwanted Vehicle? Need a little Extra spending money for Christmas?

Do you have an unwanted vehicle sitting in your driveway? Did you just have an accident on a slick road and don't want to spend the money and time fixing your vehicle? Then call Condon's Auto Parts at 800-543-7274 and sell us your vehicle.  We may pay anywhere from $100 to $10,000 for wrecked or unwanted vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

After buying your vehicle, we take it through our environmentally friendly process. First, we dispose of the harmful fluids and recycle the usable parts of the vehicle. We then take the hulk of the car and send it to a recycling plant in Baltimore where they will melt down the materials and make it into thousands of new products. Nothing goes to waste, as we recycle the tires to be used for things like roadways and play sets. We even use the gas in our own vehicles and the used oil to heat our building. Even the antifreeze is sold to a company that cleans it and re-purposes it. 

So, help us and we will help you (and the environment!).  All we need from you is the title and we can give you money today to help with that shopping spree!