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Your vehicle need new tires? Why buy new, save money by purchasing recycled tires.

There are 290 million tires disposed of every year. We recycle thousands of tires a year; however, we are trying to get more use out of each tire while saving you, our customer, money.  We have hundreds of tires tagged and inventoried in our computer system at any one point. Ask one of our professional sales staff to assist you with your next tire purchase, or save even more money by browsing our rack of single and low tread tires. 

Used tires are becoming an extremely popular way for customers to save hundreds of dollars a year. We take good tires off of salvaged vehicles, inspect them and list them for sale to our customers. We used to scrap most of our tires, but we have found that there is a growing market for them. They are the same tire that you can buy at your local tire shop, but let the other customer take the upfront cost. You can save up to 90% of the new purchase price by buying used. 

Winter is a time when we should all be taking an extra look at our tires. As much as we all hate snow (well some of us! I actually love winter myself) we still have to drive in it. Driving in snow can really be dangerous if you don't take some precautions before you go out on the road. Please come check out our selection of tires and make your vehicle a little bit safer before the next big snow comes!