Warranty Information


Purchased Labor Coverage

Increments of $100 in coverage can be purchased for $25 per increment.

12 Month Limited Extended Warranty “Silver”

All coverage of Limited 6 Month Warranty for the period of 12 Months

Lifetime Limited Extended Warranty “Platinum”

All coverage of limited 6 Month Warranty for the lifetime of the vehicle for the original purchaser and vehicle.

The seller, CONDONS AUTO PARTS, hereby expressly disclaims all warranties, either express or implied including any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and CONDONS AUTO PARTS neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for it any liability in connection with the sale of these parts. We are not responsible for any loss caused from installation, removal, repair, replacement or use of this merchandise. This invoice and the terms expressed on this invoice are the full final and complete agreement between the buyer and CONDONS AUTO PARTS.  Any suit resulting from a warranty implied on this invoice/agreement must be brought only in the courts of Carroll County, Maryland or the US District Court of Maryland.

Important Terms and Conditions

  • An original receipt must be provided for any returns or warranty claim.
  • Abuse, misuse or modifications of any part voids any and all warranty.
  • Condon’s reserves the right to inspect all parts prior to replacement
  • The year and model that appears on the invoice may not be the exact model and year vehicle the part was removed from but was deemed compatible by our system to interchange with the part requested.
  • All defects must be verified by the seller and any repairs must be pre-authorized by the seller.
  • For labor to be reimbursed (when labor warranty was purchased) proof of the repair must be presented before payment will be made.
  • Most fluids have been drained from our products. It is the buyer’s responsibility to completely drain and replace fluids, lubricants, antifreeze, and filters with replacements that are fresh, clean and approved by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Exhaustible components; ball joints, bearings, tie rod ends, and suspension bushings are not covered in this warranty and should be inspected and replaced as needed.
  • The seller is not responsible for any costs incurred or any damages or loss caused from installation, removal, or use of this merchandise or any other consequential damage unless otherwise specified unless extended coverage is purchased.


General Warranty Guidelines

  • The warranty on any part is to original purchaser only and is not transferable.
  • Standard warranties start on the date of the original invoice and carries a one time replacement.
  • Verbal representations, made by any person, shall not be binding. Any warranty beyond standard must be in writing.
  • Extended warranties start on the first day of the 7th Month after original invoice date and there is a one time replacement under the extended warranty period.
  • Any part being replaced under warranty but is deemed defective immediately upon installation shall be replaced.
  • Seller reserves the right to have all warranty claims reviewed prior to reimbursement. This may include but not limited to transportation of entire vehicle to a seller approved mechanic for inspection and repair. If any repairs are required due to improper installation of excluded parts or calibration of warranted parts any repair costs (including transportation) are the responsibility of the Buyer.
  • All warranties are null and void if the part is used for Racing, off-road, fleet, taxi or commercial use.
  • Failure to notify the seller of any defect immediately may result in the voiding of the warranty. 
  • Regular maintenance must be documented.


Standard 6 Month Warranty Most Parts

Unless otherwise stated all parts purchased from Condon’s will come with a 6 Month replacement warranty.

Standard Engine Limited 6 Month Warranty

All warranties extend to internally lubricated parts and housing only. Changing, removing or failure of any accessory parts are not covered under warranty. Accessory parts will include manifolds, throttle bodies, fuel injectors, oil pans, brackets, distributors, coils, water pumps, flywheels, sensors, wires, and seals. Failure of the timing belt and all related parts is not covered under this warranty. There is no labor warranty to install or remove. Failure to install new rear main seal and timing belt will void warranty. All engines are equipped with a heat tab. If the engine is overheated and the center is melted the warranty is void. Turbochargers sold with engines are warranted to function at the time of installation only. There is no labor warranty to install or remove.

Standard Transmission Limited 6 Month Warranty

Transmissions come with a 6 Month replacement warranty. All transmissions must have new oil, filter and any seals installed at time of installation. Leaking seals are not covered under warranty, this includes extended warranties. All cooling lines, including oil cooler, must be flushed of old oil prior to installation. Many manufactures require specific lubricants in their transmissions. Failure to us the proper lubricant will void any and all warranties. There is no labor warranty to install or remove.

Automatic Transmissions - Failure to properly adjust detent cable , install new filter, operate transmission with low oil, flushing cooling lines and improperly installing torque converter (this damages the front pump) will void any and all warranties.

Manual Transmissions – Warranty covers the bearings and synchronizers. There is no guarantee on gears after the time of installation. Condon’s is not responsible for abuse to the gears.

Drive train- Axle Assembly / Center Differentials - All rears should have seals replaced at the time of installation. Leaking seals are not covered under warranty. Proper lubricants and additives must be used per the original manufacture’s requirements.

Electrical Items - There are no returns on electrical items! There may be a replacement warranty on some electrical components that are deemed defective by the seller. These parts are not guaranteed to solve your electrical problems, and we accept no responsibility for improper installation or diagnosis. ANY AND ALL COMPUTERS OR ELECTRONIC CONTROL MODULS ARE SOLD AS-IS. THERE WILL BE NO RETURNS FOR ANY REASON.

Refunds/Returns - Deposits are non-refundable. A RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) MUST be obtained for any parts to be returned for a credit/refund. There will be no refunds issued at time of pickup. Returned parts will be inspected, after they are returned to Condon’s, to determine if a credit/refund will be issued. Any purchase made by check must wait 10 working days for a refund to be issued. All refunds will be issued with a company check to the name/company on the invoice. If the name on the invoice is wrong this must be changed at the time of delivery of the part. All returns may be subject to a handling/restocking fee up to 25% of the total invoice.

Special Orders - Parts which are special ordered from other outside sources will carry the warranty of supplier and CONDON’S cannot be held liable for such warranty unless specified at the time of sale. Return of brokered parts may be subject to the vendor’s return policy from which they are purchased. All returns may be subject to a handling/restocking fee up to 25% of the total invoice.

Core - Per Maryland law, tax on cores charged is not refundable. Core charges are refundable if the proper core is returned within 30 days. All warranties are void if a core has been requested and not returned.

Checks – CHECKS ARE ACCEPTED UNDER THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS. A $35 returned check fee will be charged per submittal for any check returned to CONDONS AUTO PARTS for any reason. You as the buyer agree to pay any and all costs, including court and lawyer’s fees, that may be incurred in the collection of a returned check. 

Charge Accounts - Any accounts requesting a charge account are required to fill out a credit application. Upon review of this application Condon’s may or may not authorize a charge account and at their discretion set the credit limit. All overdue statements are subject to 18% finance charge. Any charge account that is inactive for a period of one year may lose their charge account status. Special requests otherwise must be submitted in writing prior to part delivery.

Labor Warranty (when purchased) - is covered at $50 per hour based on the amount of hours stated by the Mitchell Flat Rate Manual. The labor warranty is limited to a total lifetime maximum amount payable on labor to not exceed the purchase price of the part less all warranties, core charges, negotiations, shipping and taxes.  

Freight - Shipping costs are not refundable on returns for any reason. All shipping costs for warranty purposes are the responsibility of the purchaser. If the item is defective and not replaced shipping costs are refunded on a case-by-case basis.

Tires - Due to previous exposure to outside conditions that used tires have been exposed to there is NO warranty expressed or implied as to the fitness for a general or particular purpose or the merchantability connected to the sale of used tires.  ALL TIRES ARE SOLD “AS-IS”.  Used tires are not tested by the seller to meet any safety standards. The purchaser agrees to accept all risks related to the purchase of any tires.

Glass/Sheet Metal - All glass and sheet metal is sold on an “as is” basis. Any adjustment for damaged parts shall be made at time of sale unless otherwise negotiated.

Airbags/Safety Restraints - Any supplemental restraint systems (SRS) that are sold, such as airbags or seat belt pretensioner, must be installed by a certified installer to the recommendations and specifications of the manufacture. The purchaser of any SRS bought from the seller assumes all risk of damages or injuries including death which arise as a result of the improper installation of a recycled SRS. CONDON’S offers no express or implied warranty regarding sales of any SRS products including fitness for a particular purpose. Restraints are not tested by Condon’s and are being sold “AS-IS”.

All purchasers understand the total of any and all liabilities shall be limited to and not exceed the price paid for the product that was sold. If the product is deemed defective by Condon’s, liability shall be limited to the replacement of the part or a remedy not to exceed the purchase price of the part, at Condon’s option.




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